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Malfroy's Gold Honey from Heaven
‘I sing of honey,
the heavenly ethereal gift'

Georgics 29 B.C.


Natural Beekeping Australia - Ethical  Sustainable Apiculture

Malfroy’s Gold award-winning honey is available in a number of seasonal varieties.
These premium and rare varieties are a reflection of the region in which our bees are
located and the diverse Australian flora from which the honey is produced.
Malfroy’s Gold Wild honey has a superior flavour, texture and aroma to other commercially available honeys as we do not heat, blend or micro-filter the honey in the pressing or
packaging process. Our honey remains as nature intended it to be, cold pressed from
virgin comb, fresh from our own beehives and complete with naturally occurring
bee bread (pollen) and propolis.
Please visit WILD HONEY and NATURAL BEEKEEPING for an insight into how our
honey is produced. Please see below for the flavour profiles of each honey variety
and available sizes.
Our honey is available for online purchase, for details please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS.
Wild Honey
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Our honey is highly regarded and is used by some of the finest restaurants & hotels in Australia. See our Awards page for details.
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Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora
Malfroy's Gold Sydney Royal Silver Class 40 2010

Malfroy's Gold Sydney Royal Bronze Class 12 2011

Malfroy's Gold Yellow Box 400g

Malfroy's Gold Mudgee Fine Food Awards Silver 2009

Malfroy's Gold Yellow Box Blossom

Malfroy's Gold Mudgee Fine Food Awards Silver 2008

A famous tree of the grassy woodlands, this Eucalypt yields her sweet, light, aromatic nectar every 2-4 years over the hot summer months.

Our Yellow Box honey is produced in the Central Tablelands of NSW at altitudes of 700 – 1000m.

When in the height of bloom the Great Eastern Ranges
are alive with her floral, aromatic perfume.

In pure form, this is a delicate liquid honey with a hay yellow colour, full body, characteristic sweet floral
flavour and lingering clean high notes.

Yellow Box also has the lowest GI rating of any
Australian honey (35). A classic Australian honey!

Also available in 300g rounds and frames of
pure Honeycomb.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

Red Stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhynncha
Malfroy's Gold Mudgee Fine Food Awards Silver 2009

Malfroy's Gold Mudgee Fine Food Awards Bronze 2008

Malfroy's Gold Red Stringybark 400g

Malfroy's Gold Red Stringybark Blossom

Pure Red Stringybark
honey is quite rare, as
the tree only flowers
and yields honey every
4-8 years.

Only every 4-8 years will this tree flower,
enlivening our bees to collect her rich, amber
nectar during autumn.

Growing on elevated hills of the Grassy Woodlands,
the honey produced is one of the finest in Australia.
Our Red Stringybark honey is collected from the
Central Tablelands region at altitudes of 800-1100m. 

A true rarity, this honey has a deep bright amber colour
and a rich, bold, toffee-like flavour with smoky,
earthy undertones.

Pure Red Stringybark honey rarely crystallises,
is exceptionally high in mineral content and has the
second lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (44).

In our opinion this is one of the finest varieties of
honey in the world!

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

Blue Mountains Wildflower
Malfroy's Gold Grey Ironbark Blossom
Malfroy's Gold Wollemi Wilderness Flora
Malfroy's Gold Pink Tea Tree Flower

Malfroy's Gold Blue Mountains Region
Malfroy's Gold Blue Mountains Flora

This honey is produced by our bees in the ancient
forests, woodlands, heaths and hanging swamps of
the World Heritage Blue Mountains.

The nectar is gathered from innumerable native wildflowers throughout the season, ripened in the
hive by thousands of bees and then cold-pressed
from virgin comb.

Please enjoy this rare gift from nature, a distillate of Australia’s unique flora and the famous landscape
of the Blue Mountains. Due to the nature of the various floral sources, this honey may be crystallised in the jar.

(See available sizes below and our Purchase Products page for product availability)

  400g Honey
Malfroy's Gold 400g Square Jar

Square Glass Jar

Premium seasonal varieties packed in attractive square glass jars.

(See our Purchase Products page for variety availability)
  1kg Honey

Glass Jars

Seasonal varieties packed in 1kg Jars.

(See our Purchase Products page for variety availability)

Our honey is available in pure, seasonal varieties - please visit PURCHASE PRODUCTS for details.

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