'The knowledge of bees is the basis of the beekeeper’s success; and for all other people who, amidst the whirl of present-day technology,
still prove to have a clear feeling for lively Nature, they are a source of joyful edification.’
The Dancing Bees, Karl Von Frisch, 1967

Articles and Research

Please find below a list of reading materials relating to honey, beekeeping, bees and ethics/sustainability, including articles written by Tim Malfroy on Natural Beekeeping and the use of Warré Hives in Australia


Tim is currently in the process of writing a number of new articles which should be published during the course of this year

Missives from the Mountains


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A Dry and Bountiful Spring

November 2023


Winter Bees and Stringybark Trees

August 2023


Summertime Nods Her Sleepy Head

March 2023


The Sound of Rain and Bees

November 2022


Tasting Spring

September 2022


Sweet Persistence in the Cold Season

August 2022


Golden Was the Honey

May 2022


Occasional Sunbeams

March 2022

Malfroy's Gold Newsletter 3 2021

A Heavenly, Ethereal Gift

November 2021

Malfroy's Gold Newsletter 2 October 2021

A Scent of Freedom

October 2021

Malfroy's Gold Newsletter 1 2021

A Taste of Wild Honey

August 2021


Online Resources

Malfroy's Gold Mid Mountains Apiary
Colourful Warré apiary in the mid Blue Mountains

Honey and Bee Bread

Bee-guided Pharmacognosy

David Heaf

Making a Case for Natural Comb-Ripened Honey and Artisan Beekeeping Practices

Erik Berrevoets

Antibacterial activity of honey from the Australian stingless bee Trigona carbonaria

Various Authors

Nutritional and mineral contents of honey extracted by centrifugation and pressed processes

Various Authors

Characterization of the Active Microbiotas Associated with Honey Bees Reveals Healthier and Broader Communities when Colonies are Genetically Diverse

Various Authors

Symbionts as Major Modulators of Insect Health

Lactic Acid Bacteria and Honeybees
Various Authors

Lund University Bee Research

Volatile Compounds in Honey

A Review on Their Involvement in Aroma,
Botanical Origin Determination and Potential Biomedical Activities
Various Authors

AgriFutures Australia

Natural Beekeeping

Beekeeping for All

Abbé Warré

Towards Sustainable Beekeeping

David Heaf

Sustainable and Bee-friendly Beekeeping

David Heaf

Extensive Beekeeping

Janet Lowore and Nicola Bradbear

Beekeeping – Natural, simple and successful

Johann Thür

Nest of the Honeybee

Seeley and Morse

Natural Beekeeping: Abstracts of Scientific Papers

Various authors
(compiled by David Heaf)

Stress and Honeybees

Eric H. Erikson

Ethics and Sustainability

Farming Animals for Food - Towards a Moral Menu

Food Ethics Council

Ethics in Food and Agriculture

Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Food Ethics Journal

A Journal of the Societies for Agricultural and Food Ethics

Reading List

Malfroy's Gold Bee on Mint Bush
Worker Bee on Australian Mint Bush


Honey - A Comprehensive Survey

Eva Crane

Honey and Your Health

B.F. Beck & Dorée Smedley

A Book of Honey

Eva Crane

Two Million Blossoms - Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey

Kirsten Traynor

Natural Beekeeping

The Bee-friendly Beekeeper

David Heaf

Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive: A Manual

David Heaf

Treatment Free Beekeeping

David Heaf

The Barefoot Beekeeper

Phil Chandler 

At the Hive Entrance

H. Storch

Top-Bar Beekeeping with 200 hives


Honeybee Biology

Honeybee Democracy

Thomas Seeley

The Buzz About Bees: Biology of a Super-organism

Jürgen Tautz

The Wisdom of the Hive

Thomas Seeley

The Lives of Bees

Thomas Seeley

The Dancing Bees

Karl Von Frisch

Form and Function in the Honeybee

Lesley Goodman

Honeybee Nests – Composition, Structure, Function

H.R. Hepburn, C.W.W. Pirk,
O. Duangphakdee

The Biology of the Honey Bee

Mark Winston